Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the Beginning...

I have never kept a blog before...I might be terrible at it. But I did promise i would find a way to try and keep everyone updated as to my whereabouts and happenings as I here we go. Hope you enjoy!


  1. neat! i'm the first to be a follower. how's the boat?

    ~emily fazakerley

  2. :D The room isn't the same without ya. You or Brit. Man o man. How many roomates do you have now?

  3. I have not left yet! I leave on Saturday and i bought new sock monkey slippers just for the trip!

  4. Haha. SO, i'm guessing you've been asked that a lot. lol. That made me laugh so much right now. Dang. :D

  5. Hey Bekki--
    It's your mentor, Lori - I'm thinking about you and tracking you every step of the way. I'm so very proud of you and so glad you are doing this awesome trip.

    Enjoy - enjoy - enjoy!!!

    Luv, Lori